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Privacy Policy


This document, which discloses the main principles of the privacy policy (hereinafter — the Policy), is intended to help users understand how we collect, process, store and use personal information of visitors (hereinafter — the Users) of the website (hereinafter — the Website) and customers who use the services (hereinafter — the Customers) of (hereinafter — the Company).

The rules presented in the Policy can be applied in case of disputes between the User or the Customer and the Company.

We are interested in keeping safe all personal information owned by Users and Customers of the Company, therefore we undertake any information that can serve as identification, to use only in conformity with the terms of the Policy.

By using our Website or ordering the company’s services, you agree to the provisions described in the Policy.

The Company has the right to update and change the provisions of the Policy and undertakes to publish the latest version of these provisions on the Website on the same day.

What Information Is Collected?

Personal data of Users and Customers can be obtained in several ways that determine the content of the information:

1. Data voluntarily provided by Users through the feedback forms published on the pages of the Website.

These data include the User’s first and last name, mobile and landline phone number, e-mail, User’s messenger ID, etc. Information of this kind is necessary to achieve the following goals:

  • preparation of an expert response to the User’s request left on the Website;
  • communication with the User or Customer;
  • provision of services ordered by the Customer in their entirety;
  • ensuring the security of our Website;
  • providing a backup of our databases.

The legal basis used here for data processing is the voluntary consent of the User.

2. Information obtained as a result of Users’ use of our Website.

The company collects such information:

  • information about the viewed content;
  • list of products, games and services that interest the User;
  • the dynamic IP address, browser type, User operating system data;
  • affiliated source;
  • information about the terms, frequency and methods of use of the Website by Users.

The Company uses this data to analyse the quality of information on the Website, for its further development and to provide better services to Customers.

3. Records of conversations, official correspondence.

The company may store electronic and/or paper correspondence with Customers and Users for the following purposes:

  • collection and processing of contact and other personal information necessary for customer service;
  • record of personal data;
  • performance of legal obligations by the Company;
  • other cases indicated by the current Policy.

This information may serve as a basis for legal action or defence in legal proceedings. The basis for data collection is defending the rights of the Company and its employees.

4. Cookies.

When logging in to the Website, technology Cookies sends small text files to the User’s personal gadget.

Further information regarding the use of cookies is set out below in this Policy.

Transfer of Personal Information

The Company and authorized employees in rare cases have the right to transfer the personal data of Customers and Users to third companies belonging to the partner circle, namely:

  • corporate parent;
  • child business unit;
  • subsidiaries of parent companies.

The transfer of personal information is permitted only on the grounds and in the cases specified in this Policy.

Personal data may be transferred to the disposal of business partners, consultants and authorized representatives in risk management, obtaining expert advice or to substantiate legal claims, protect interests both in court and out of court.

We will not share personal information with outside organizations or individuals. To ensure this, each employee of the Company or partner involved in the processing of Customer and User information has signed a confidentiality agreement, which is drawn up in accordance with the applicable laws in this jurisdiction on the protection of information and privacy.

In addition, in extreme cases, the Company may disclose personal data due to the need to comply with legal obligations to which it is subject.

Data Storage

The company undertakes not to retain any personal data longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected.

Sometimes personal information continues to be stored due to the fact that the Company is subject to certain legal obligations requiring data storage. The justification for such storage is to protect the interests of Customers, Users, employees or vital interests of a third party.

The company also stores derivatives of personal information without the use of automated decision-making. The justification for such storage — analysis of the current quality of services and the use of a set of measures aimed at improving the quality of service.

Cookies Policy

Cookies and other similar methods of tracking the actions of Users to the Website are used by the Company for a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the ways people use when studying the information presented on the Website, as well as our services. The purpose of this tracking is to continuously improve the service to our Customers and Users.

Cookies are essentially small text objects that are stored on the user’s device and remained by the installed browser. Cookies do not have a negative impact on the operation of devices and do not contain viruses.

The use of cookies allows us to improve the Website, increasing its convenience, usefulness and security.

The vast majority of the files we use are so-called “session cookies”. They are deleted immediately after the session on the Website automatically. Other cookies remain in the user’s device memory until the User manually deletes them. These files allow identifying the browser of the User at the next visit to the Website.

Cookies of the Company’s Service Providers

In addition to our own cookies, the Website also uses cookies from other reputable contractors in order to better analyse the functioning of the Website and the User’s interaction with it.

Consent to the Use of Cookies by the Company

You automatically confirm the Company’s use of cookies or similar technologies if you start using the Website or our Services without blocking, disabling or rejecting cookies.

How to Refuse Cookies?

Modern versions of Internet browsers offer Users to refuse to accept cookies, as well as delete them as unnecessary. The settings of any modern browser contain an option to inform about the use of cookies by the website. Thus, you can decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept the use of cookies or to refuse such technologies.

It should be mentioned that the refusal to use cookies may have a negative impact on the usability of websites on the Internet, and in particular, our Website.


The following provisions provide an overview of the rights of Users and Customers that are provided by law.

This Policy contains only the main provisions. More information can be obtained by referring to the relevant legislation.

Withdrawal of Consent

Most transactions involving the accumulation and processing of personal data are only permitted with the consent of the owner of the information. The User and/or the Customer may withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time.

To withdraw consent, it is enough to send to the Company free content e-mail with a request for feedback on one of the contact channels published on the Website. The form is free. Any data processed by the Company prior to the request for withdrawal of consent may still be used legally.

Rights to Information, Blocking, Deletion

Users and Customers have the right to know what personal information has already been received by the Company, how it is used, collected and stored, and how it was collected, the recipient and the purpose of collecting the information.

Any data owner has the right to correct or request the deletion of his/her personal information.

Please, contact our staff if you have any questions about your personal data, its collection, processing, storage and purposes of use.

Right to Complain to Regulatory Authorities

In rare cases, if there is a violation of data protection legislation, the injured person may file a claim with the specialized regulatory authorities:

  • at the place of residence of the victim;
  • in the workplace;
  • at the alleged place of the violation.

It should be noted that mandatory legal provisions, in particular regarding data retention periods, remain in force in accordance with the above provisions.


The company undertakes to use modern methods of collection, use and storage of personal data of Users and Customers to ensure the highest possible level of safety and security of information, protect information from unauthorized access, accidental loss, destruction, damage, illegal processing.

Taking care of the safety of your data, we remind you of the need for each person to protect their personal information in order to protect physical, financial and electronic security.

General recommendations in this regard:

  • use an anti-virus program on your device;
  • regularly update the operating system and software, in particular, browsers;
  • make sure your device is password protected;
  • always use strong passwords to log in.

Channel of Communication with Representatives of the Company

If you have any questions about the information we collect, any provisions of this Policy, or would like to receive comprehensive advice, please email us: company takes care of its customers, partners and visitors. It is important for us to keep your personal data as safe as our own.

Our company has earned a reputation as a reliable business partner and makes every effort to keep it. In order to do this, we use modern technologies and are constantly improving. With you can be sure of your personal data privacy and security.

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